The Unchurching TED Talk is now online!

4,000+ views in just a few days!!!

The video of my “unchurching” TED Talk was finally approved and published two months-to-the-day after I delivered the talk at Palo Alto College. And I’m delighted at the response thus far. As I type this, the video already has 4,000 views and still going!

However, if you follow my work, then you probably know there are over 30 million “unchurching” believers in just the U.S. And my goal is to reach as many of them as possible with this talk in order to let them know they’re not alone; they’re actually part of a growing movement, even if they don’t realize it yet.

So, I could really use your help in getting the word out. Please watch the video and, if you like it, share, share, share it like crazy. The more views the video gets, the more likely YouTube will be to suggest it to others and the more likely TED will be to feature it on their website. It’s basically a cycle: the more views the video gets, the more prominently featured it will be which will, in turn, result in way more views, and so on.

What I’m saying is: Let’s see if we can make this video go viral!!!

Behind the scenes

Not only was this talk a great opportunity, but the whole event was a great experience too. I was able to take my wife and one of our kids. Plus, my buddy Gunnar went with us; many of you know him as my co-host on The Unchurching Podcast. Also, the organizer of the TED event, Tony Longoria, was one of the earliest online followers of my work. Since we had been long-distance buddies for so long, it was great to finally meet him in person.


That also applies to several folks from the Unchurching Facebook group and discussion forum, many of whom I had grown close to online, but were able to meet for the first time at a lunch meetup I hosted the day after the TED event. Many of you guys know one of my favorite things to do is to travel to other cities and host these meetups so I can finally connect with some of you in person. As always, I was humbled that, once again, quite a few of the attendees drove for hours to be part of this.


Other TED Talks from this event

Not only was this my first time speaking at a TED conference, it was my first time attending one. Some of the other talks were really great. For anyone who’s interested, below are the links to all twelve talks from this event.

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