New Unchurching Forum - FREE TRIAL!


Breaking the Facebook Barrier

As most of you know, we already have a decent-sized and very active Facebook group. So, why have I spent the last several months researching and building a whole new online forum for the unchurching community? Simple. Because Facebook won’t let us connect the way we want to connect. Here are just a few examples:

Find other members nearby

The most common question I hear from new group members is, “How can I find other members who live near me?” This has been a common request on the Facebook help forum for years, yet they’ve never responded to all these users. In the new unchurching forum, we now have a group map and it works beautifully.

Control your own experience

Let’s say I’m a group member with a blog. Every time I write a new post, I want to share the link in our group. But maybe you’re not a fan of my blog and don’t want a notification every time I share a new blog post. Unlike Facebook, in the new forum, you can customize your notifications by topic. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as controlling your own user experience in the new forum.

Put on your “big boy pants”

On Facebook, if someone starts causing trouble in your group, all you can do is flag their offending comments and wait for a moderator to do something about it. In the new forum, the whole community serves as a moderator. If enough members flag a post, that post is automatically hidden. The new forum treats the community like adults and lets them take action, without waiting on a moderator to referee every conflict.

Join existing conversations

On Facebook, all posts are dumped into a single news feed and older posts eventually disappear into the past as newer posts push them farther down the news feed. This often forces newer members to try to restart conversations which older members have already had. But by organizing conversations into categories and topics, new members can join existing conversations, as well as start new ones.

Earn recognition and access

Your contribution to the community should be recognized. Sure, on Facebook, your posts get “likes”, but that’s about it. However, in the new unchurching forum, your contributions are always visible: how many likes you give, how many likes your posts receive, how many times you share, etc. Not only that, but the more you contribute to the community, the more your “trust level” grows and the more features you unlock!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I haven’t even touched on the automatic email digest, the great mobile app, the ability to create private categories and topics for specific groups within the larger community and much, much more. But the real proof is in the experience. I’m confident if you jump in and start to familiarize yourself with this new platform, you’ll never want to settle for one big, disorganized news feed again!!!


That’s why I’m offering a FREE TRIAL from now until June 17th. Simply contact me through this site and give me your email address so I can send you an invite. If you like what you see and want to stick around, all you need to do is become an unchurching patron to maintain your access to the forum. It costs as little as $2 a month. (Sure, you can give more, and it’s very appreciated if you do, but it’s totally voluntary.) Can’t wait to see you on the forum!