The Unchurching Comic book

In September of 2017, nearly 150 supporters came together to help produce this comic book. Please enjoy, and please check out the info at the bottom of the page to learn more about this project and its supporters.


Enjoyed the Comic?

Then listen to the TED Talk! In this brief talk, I discuss the current exodus from the institutional church, as I share my cartoons, artwork from this comic book, and much more. Hope you like it!

But wait! There’s so much more!

Visit the homepage of this site to see some of my cartoons and to find links to my animated explainer videos, The Unchurching Podcast, my Patreon page, our Facebook group, the unchurching discussion forum, and to sign up for email updates or download free sample chapter from my book.

Many, Many Thanks

I want to thank every single person who backed this project on Kickstarter and ordered printed copies of the comic book to hand out to friends and family. I hope this comic serves as a great tool to spark some really important conversations!

Pictured left and above: Opening the very first box of the limited-run print version of the comic book.

Pictured left and above: Opening the very first box of the limited-run print version of the comic book.

I especially need to call-out a few specific folks who really went above-and-beyond. (If the person’s name appears as a link, please feel free to click on their name to learn more.)

Extra Special Thanks

Chad Kennow has been a longtime supporter of my work. He was not only the biggest backer of this project, but possibly its fiercest promoter too. If you read the book, you already saw Chad's cartoon-self, seated across from a cartoon version of yours truly, along with a few other friends.

Very Special Thanks

Henry Hon is a fellow author who has quickly become a good friend. If you like my work, you should check out Henry’s book, One: Unfolding God's Eternal Purpose from House to House. It's available both for purchase or for free online reading.


Special Thanks

I need to give a virtual-high-five to the other three friends seated with me and Chad at the cartoon table: Angela Burns, Justin Cook, and Khori Whittaker. Thank you all for your generous support and encouragement. (Also, a big thank you to Glendo Grider for helping me with all the cartoon likenesses.)

Additional Thanks

As I said, lots of people made this project happen but I especially want to thank Sharyn McEwan, Roy G. Neely, Ryan Northcutt, John Schade, my brother-from-another-mother Keith Leedham, Tim Truong, Joel C. Cooper, my podcast co-host and good friend Gunnar "Baconsizzle" Falk, Deky Junaedi, Chris and Geana Rust, Scott Lazaros, Bill and Jean Manduca, Denise Perry, the fine folks at, plus longtime friends Adam and Carli Johnson, and Susan and Greg Raborn.

I also want to thank all the supporters who gave to this project anonymously. Your generous contributions actually accounted for a whopping 15% of the total funds raised. Obviously, it pains me not to thank all of you publicly, but please know I’ll always be indebted to you personally.