Do you have a Jesus Story?

If you're a friend of The Unchurching Podcast and you have a Jesus story you'd like to share on the show, we'd love to hear it! Naturally, we can't guarantee we'll share every story we receive. But we promise to listen to each and every one.

Specifically, we're looking for short stories (no more than five minutes each) of ways that Christ has gone above and beyond in responding to a deep longing, or some incredible thing he revealed about himself that changed the way you relate to him, or some amazing thing he did that fundamentaly changed the way you relate to others, etc.

Basically, we want to hear stories about the positive impact Christ has had on your life, stories that point to the fact that he is shepherding you personally, and stories that point to his character as a shepherd. The goal is to give listeners a glimpse of this Christ we follow, and why we follow him. Obviously, it would be an added bonus if these stories took place outside the organized church box, because we'd also like people to know that Jesus isn’t confined to a building!

One caveat: You need to be able to record your story and send it as an audio file. The format doesn’t really matter, although we recommend an MP3 with a high bit rate, or an AIFF file, or an uncompressed WAV file. Simply email your file to Richard. (We share that email address at the end of each podcast episode.) Can't wait to hear your story!