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Watch this 2 minute video to discover why millions of believers are unchurching.


The Book

Unchurching: Christianity Without Churchianity will challenge everything you thought you knew about church. Watch the video above to find out why. Then click here to view the book on Amazon or click here to download free sample chapters.



"I have written several books about church myself, but this one is better than any of the ones I have written." – Jeremy Myers, author of The Atonement of God

"If you are searching for the truth about the way we 'do' church … this is the book for you!  I guarantee that it will completely rock your world." – Milt Rodriguez, author of The Community Life of God

"Richard Jacobson has been on both sides of this shift and is uniquely qualified to write about it—which he does well, with insight, humility, and scholarship … Highly recommended." – Felicity Dale, author of An Army of Ordinary People

"As I read this book I felt my pulse quicken and my heart leap for joy because everything Richard writes about is centered on, around, and in relation to the One who would rather die than live without us." – Keith Giles, author of This Is My Body: Ekklesia As God Intended

"Unchurching will help you capture a vision for a fresh start that is built upon the Lord Jesus Christ … " – Jon Zens, author of A Church Building Every 1/2 Mile


The Podcast

Millions of believers are leaving the organized church, without giving up their faith. Listen below as author Richard Jacobson and his good friend Gunnar Falk explore genuine Christian community, outside the walls of churchianity. You can find more episodes of The Unchurching Podcast both online and in iTunes.


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Long before Richard finished writing his book, Unchurching, he began sharing some of his wild ideas about church in the form of cartoons and animated videos. Here are a few favorite cartoons. If you're viewing these on a mobile device, simply click to advance.



Though Richard began his career as an illustrator, he was always fascinated with animation. Here are a few videos from his former Church Anarchist video blog. If you like these, there are plenty more on YouTube. And if you want to learn how these animations were made, click here.


The Community

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Richard Jacobson quit his job as a full-time pastor, once he realized the organized church model is at odds with biblical church community. Since then, Richard has created animations, cartoons, and presentations about church, including the Church Anarchist animated videos. He is also the author of Unchurching: Christianity Without Churchianity. The book has been met with wildly positive reviews, leading to several interviews and endorsements, many of which can be found here.


Public Speaking

Richard and his friend Gunnar (whom you've heard on The Unchurching Podcast) each have years of public speaking experience. You can request one or both of them for either large or small speaking engagements.

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Blog Interviews

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Other Endorsements

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Five Star Reviews of Unchurching

The vast majority of the reviews for Unchurching are all five-star reviews. Here's just a small sampling.

"Far from being the diatribe of a church-basher, this well thought out, easy to follow book is a sensitive and loving look at the Bride of Christ and her role in God's plan." (Except from this review.)

"I was struggling for a while with institutionalized church, though my faith was unwavering- and this book has helped me navigate that feeling and reminds me that there is a community of people with similar thoughts." (Excerpt from this review.)

"This book has helped me vocalize what I've felt for years but just couldn't find the words to explain it." (Excerpt from this review.)

"Unchurching is easy to read. The context is plain and simple, its scope is profound." (Excerpt from this review.)

"This is a book I'd feel comfortable and plan on giving to several close friends and family to help them understand why I haven't lost my sanity by choosing not to 'go to church.'" (Excerpt from this review.)

"I enjoyed reading Unchurching so much I read it twice. The book was a joy to read because it was so un-condemning in its approach to what the church was meant to be." (Excerpt from this review.)

"This book has officially taken the top spot as my current favorite on the topic. I almost burned dinner the night that I began reading it because I couldn't put it down." (Excerpt from this review.)

"I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has or is questioning whether church meetings and church corporations need to be the way they are--or even if they should!" (Excerpt from this review.)

"Richard has really colored in and defined what was so gray with my thoughts and feelings I have been experiencing. I am no longer trying to nail jello to the wall!" (Excerpt from this review.)

"Unchurching helps clarify the journey and cuts through all the hype and tradition of the organized church that will birth something fresh and biblical." (Excerpt from this review.)